Will Ferrell is attached to star for Universal in comedyadaptation of the hit 1970s sci-fi television series Land Of The Lost to be directed by Adam McKay.

Chris Henchy and DennisMcNicholas have signed on to adapt the screenplay, based on the 1973-77 NBCseries about a forest ranger and his children who are transported to aprehistoric world while exploring the Colorado River. It is understoodFerrell's character will not have children.

Universal acquired the feature rights from the original seriesexecutive producers Sid and Marty Krofft, who will produce the feature for thestudio. Jimmy Miller and Julie Wixon-Darmody will also produce through MosaicMedia Group.

Universal's new president of production Donna Langley will overseethe project for the studio.

Ferrell, who is handled by UTA, manager Mosiac Media Group, andattorney Deborah Klein, will next be seen in Universal's comedy Kicking AndScreaming on May 13,followed on Jun 24 by Columbia's adaptation Bewitched with Nicole Kidman.

He is currently filming The Producers for producer Mel Brooks, which is scheduledto open through Universal on Dec 21.

McKay directedand co-wrote Anchormanwhich starred Ferrell, and did a rewrite on Bewitched. He is currently working on the comedyfeature Talladega Nights, which he will produce, direct and co-write with Ferrell.