Epic Pictures has concluded a raft of deals on Robert Englund's comedy horror Killer Pad and drama Young Rebels.

Daro took pay TV for Killer Pad in Asia as well as Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Film Depot bought rights for CIS, Jiant for Thailand and Ster Kinekor for South Africa.

Lionsgate holds US home video rights and negotiations are ongoing for the UK, Australia/New Zealand and Spain. Killer Pad follows the antics of a group of friends who rent a demonic apartment in the Hollywood Hills.

Spentzos bought Young Rebels with Chris Klein and Billy Baldwin for Greece, while ITV took Romania, Pa-dora took the former Yugoslavia, Gulf for the Middle East, Golden for Brazil and Ster Kinekor for South Africa.

Allumination holds US home video and TV rights and Epic is in negotiations with buyers from Australia/New Zealand and Benelux.