Val Kilmer has beenconfirmed as the third major lead in Moscow Zero, the psychological horror picture from cult directorLuna. Appearing alongside Vincent Gallo and Alicia Silverstone, he will play anunderground dweller fighting demons in the Moscow subway. Shooting begins nextmonth in Russia and Spain.

The project, sold byValentia at the AFM, has now gone to Spain (Notro), Russia &CIS (Phars),Brazil (Paris Filmes), Eastern Europe (Blue Sky) Indonesia (Rapi Films)Malaysia/Singapore/Philippines (Suraya) and Greece (Audio-Visual.)

The project is a Spanish-UKco-production with British backing coming through financiers Visionview.

Moscow Zero is set on the underground in Moscow. Ananthropologist investigating the local folklore about ghosts in the tunnelsgets lost underground. Gallo plays the leader of the team who go down to rescuehim. To their dismay, the team discovers that there is a link between theunderground and the underworld.

Valentia, launched earlierthis year by Dolo Magan, aims to make star-driven, English-language films inthe $10-$25 million range. Like its rival Filmax, it has eye firmly fixed onthe international market.