Kimmel International topbrass said the company closed more than 85 sales at Cannes on a diverse slatethat included Billy Ray's FBI thriller Breach, Ed Stone's romantic comedy Griffin And Phoenix, and John Poll's coming-of-age tale CharlieBartlett.

Deals on Breach closed in Germany (Prosieben), Latin America (TVAzteca), Brazil (Paris Films), Russia (Lizard Cinema Trade), Scandinavia(Sandrew Metronome), Benelux (RCV), Taiwan (Pandasia), Thailand(Sahamongkolfilm), Israel (Forum Film), Middle East (Italia Film), Turkey(Aqua), Portugal (Lusomundo), Iceland (Sam Film), Croatia (Blitz), and Greece(Audio Visual).

Griffin And Phoenix sold to Latin America (TV Azteca), Germany (SquareOne), Australia (Village Roadshow), Brazil (Paris Films), Benelux (RCV), Greece(Audio Visual), Thailand (Sahamongkolfilm), Hong Kong (Deltamac Co Limited),South Africa (Nu Metro), Israel (Forum), and Indonesia (PT Amero).

Charlie Bartlett sold to Latin America (TV Azteca), Brazil (ParisFilms), Portugal (Lusomundo), South Africa (Nu Metro), Indonesia (PT Amero),and Greece (Village Roadshow).

Sales on Beat The Drum closed in Germany (ARD Degeto Film), Latin America(TV Azteca), South Korea (Eureka), Israel (Forum), Hong Kong (Deltamac),Indonesia (PT Amero), India (PVR), and Thailand (Sahamongkolfilm).

Frank Oz's ensemble comedy DeathAt A Funeral went to Brazil (ParisFilms), Taiwan (Pandasia), Greece (Village Roadshow), Portugal (Lusomundo),Israel (Forum), Iceland (Sam Film), Croatia (Blitz), Indonesia (PT Amero),Turkey (Aqua), and Middle East (Italia Film).

Craig Gillespie's comedy LarsAnd The Real Girl closed in Brazil(Paris Films), Greece (Village Roadshow), Portugal (Lusomundo), Israel (Forum),Croatia (Blitz), Iceland (Sam Film), Indonesia (PT Amero), and Middle East (ItaliaFilm).

Ira Sach's crime drama Marriage closed in Latin America (TV Azteca), Brazil (ParisFilms), South Korea (Eureka), Russia (Central Partnership), South Africa (NuMetro), Turkey (Aqua), India (PVR), Israel (Forum Film), Iceland (Sam Film),and Middle East (Italia Film).

Talk to Me, Kasi Lemmons' biopic of radio presenter andreformed convict Ralph Greene, went to South Korea (Eureka), Brazil (ParisFilms), Turkey (Aqua), Croatia (Blitz), Israel (Forum), Iceland (Sam Film),Greece (Village Roadshow), Portugal (Lusomundo), and India (PVR).

"We are pleased withthe response we've seen at the company's first Cannes market," SidneyKimmel Entertainment partner Jim Tauber said.

"It's a wonderfulaffirmation that we're producing films with broad internationalpotential."

"Mark's team did afantastic job in Cannes, and we look forward to fulfilling the expectations ofour distribution partners worldwide," Sidney Kimmel said of KimmelInternational chief Mark Lindsay.