Kimmel International has picked up international rights to ZProductions' South Africa-set drama Beat The Drum and is offering to buyers at AFM.

Directed by David Hickson from a screenplay by W David McBrayer,Karen S Shapiro, and Richard Shaw, the story centres on a young orphan who setsout to Johannesburg with his prize drum in search of his uncle.

Junior Singo and Owen Sejake star in the picture, which has wonmore than 25 international festival awards and makes its market debut here.

Bruce Wilkinson served as executive producer and Nichola Ellisfrom The Lighthouse Company brought the project to the company on behalf of theproducers.

"This is a gem - a diamond in the rough - and we are veryexcited to be presenting such a treasure at our first market," KimmelInternational president Mark Lindsay said.

"This is the type of fare Sidney Kimmel Entertainment throughKimmel International is seeking that can impact the global community throughthe medium of film."

KimmelInternational's AFM slate includes the romantic comedy Griffin and Phoenix starring Dermott Mulroney and AmandaPeet.