Musicproducer Joe Nicolo's fledgling boutique distributor Kindred Media Group haspicked up universal rights from Tasty Pixels to Mark Young's techno-thriller Phreaker.

The Los Angeles and Pennsylvania-based Kindred plans a limited 2006 release on the story of a digital-age entrepreneur who falls foul of the police and a vicious thug.

Eric Wippo stars in the picture, which won Best Overall Film at SouthernExposures and the Audience Choice Award at the Ashville Film Festival.

Appropriately for the techno storyline, Phreaker was shot using the Sony 24p digital camera developedby Sony Corporation and used by George Lucas in Star Wars: Episode II:Attack Of The Clones.

The camera was loaned to Young bySony on the condition he filmed the entire project on less than one month'snotice. He wrote the script and cast the project in a couple of weeks, and theshoot lasted 17 days.