The filmmakers behind King Of The Mountain, which was set tobe the acting debut of Australia's best-known racing car driver Peter Brock, who diedin an accident on the track last Friday, have said that the project willcontinue.

Executive producer Tom Kennedysaid the $2.3m (A$3m) action drama will be financed by sponsors and privateinvestors and will shoot from February. The Bathurst International MotorFestival will provide the backdrop to some of the film: Bathurst is a town several hours west of Sydney and is the home of motor racing in Australia.

King Of The Mountain will not be delayed because of Brock's tragic deathbecause, while he features heavily in the mind of the lead character, he onlyhad a minor on-screen role.

Writer/director Sam Genocchioand producer Bill Leimbach are now considering various options on how to coverup this hole in the script, and are seeking someone to carry on Brock'ssignificant contribution as a consultant on the technicalities of car racing.Brock also introduced the team to many people who have become financial andother supporters.

Jack Thompson is in the castas a race team leader and David Campbell, who was praised for his performanceas Johnny O'Keefe in the stage musical Shout, is likely to play the lead of a young hothead wannaberacing champion who idolised Brock. Krew Boylan, a niece of a good friend ofBrock's, plays one of two love interests, and Brock's son is also tipped to bein the film.

Kennedy is a leading playerin multi-platform storytelling and is about to sign someone to partner with himin the development of a King Of TheMountain game. He is also well advanced on taking the story to audiencesusing mobile phones and the internet.