Graham King assured buyers this week that his InitialEntertainment Group will have a new slate of films on offer for buyers by AFMin Nov, following the news in April that he has signed a first-look deal withWarner Bros.

Speaking from the New York City set of Martin Scorsese's TheDeparted, which heis producing, King said he plans to reinvent the sales agency side of thecompany following the departure of his sales chief Stephanie Denton.

"I need to revamp the foreign sales and production side ofInitial, find a new sales head and bring the buyers some very commercialmovies," said King, who completes principal photography on The Departed in August.

"I willsell big event movies as well, but my appetite has grown for films which aretoo big for the independent market," he says. "Buyers want the movies but theydon't want to pay for them. When you spend a lot of money on development andyou're not a studio, you have to get someone to help you pay for it."

King carvedout a handful of territories on The Departed for the UK, France and a couple ofothers, but said he cannot guarantee territories on any future Warner Brosprojects such as Johnny Depp-starrer Shantaram, which King is producing with Depp'sInfinitum Nihil and Plan B.

TheDeparted starsLeonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Vera Farmiga, RayWinstone and Alec Baldwin.