The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King went on a five-day internationalrecord-breaking rampage that amassed $125.9m from 7,403 screens in 28territories, according to the latest updated figures from New Line.

Peter Jackson's Tolkien trilogy finale scored the biggest openingday and weekend of all time in the UK, Germany and Spain. Results were alsoimpressive in Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.

The mighty international tally combines with a $125mdomestic gross for the biggest ever five-day worldwide opening of $250.9m.

Return Of The King took $25.9m in the UK from 1,299 screens and averaged $19,929 perscreen; in Germany, the film grossed $22.6m from 1,337 and a $16,878 average;and in Spain, it yielded $10m from 512 and a $19,467 average.

In France, the film grossed $13.9m from 975 and a $14,341 averagefor the biggest weekend of the year, while Denmark grossed $3.9m from 120 for asuperb $32,843 average and the biggest opening day, single day and weekendever.

In Sweden, The Return Of The King took $4.7m from 169 and a $27,592average, while Switzerland yielded $2.7m from 134 and a $19,932 average. Bothterritories recorded the biggest ever opening day and weekend.

New Zealand opened on Dec 18 and grossed $1.7m in four days from114 and a $14,641 average. The film set biggest opening day, single day,Friday, Saturday, Sunday and weekend records in Jackson's home territory.

Elsewhere, the film opened on a sensational $7.9m from 415 inSouth Korea, $4.4m from 550 screens in Mexico for a new opening day record there,$2.7m from 166 in Holland, $1.9m from 77 in Greece and $1.2m from 156 in Turkey(three days).

Return Of The King also broke opening day records in Austria, Belgium, Finland,Greece, Holland, Norway and Puerto Rico.

The combined international opening day gross was $23.5mand by midnight on opening day it had taken $4.5m from nine territories,compared to $8m by midnight from 2,100 US theatres.

"Audiences have connected with the emotional storytelling in thesefilms and are invested in the fate of these characters," commented RolfMittweg, president and chief operating officer of worldwide distribution andmarketing at New Line.

"Anticipationhas been high since the first film in the trilogy, making this film's releasean event in every country where we have taken it."