KinoInternational has picked up US rights to Karen Shakhnazarov's The RiderNamed Death and Academy Awardwinning director Volker Schlondorff's The Ninth Day.

TheRider Named Death premiered at theMontreal Film Festival and is set to open in New York City in April 2005.

AndreyPanin stars as the Russian terrorist Boris Savinkov, who was an activeparticipant in the 1904 assassination of Interior Minister V K Plehve andbecame a leader of the terrorist faction of Russia's Socialist-RevolutionaryParty.

TheNinth Day takes place in NaziGermany and is based loosely on a prison diary by Luxembourgian priest JeanBernard, who was given a special nine-day leave from the Dacchau concentrationcamp for unknown reasons.

Thepicture stars Ulrich Matthes, who plays Joseph Goebbels in Germany's foreign languageOscar entry Downfall, August Diehl and Hilmar Thate and is scheduled to open inNew York City in June 2005.