Saint Thomas Productions is now in production on the €11m 3D documentary Hurricane.

Andy Byatt (Planet Earth) and Cyril Barbancon co-direct. Barbancon also serves as director of photography and Jacqueline Farmer produces.

The film started shooting in the Caribbean in September 2012. The film is set as a ‘road movie’ following the three-week life cycle of a hurricane.

The film, which includes exclusive images of Hurricane Sandy [pictured], will shoot for another two years.

Orange Studio backs the film, with finance coordinated by associate producer Daniel Marquet of Groupe 1.

The film has pre-sold to Koch Media in Germany, Frenetic in Switzerland, Lumiere in Benelux, Luxor in the CEI and EDKO in China. Orange Studio will release in France. Kinology is working with Groupe 1 to handle world sales.

“The journey of Hurricane is, for me, like a kind of pilgrimage which no-one has ever undertaken before, Hurricane co-director and cinematographer Cyril Barbancon.