Kinowelt International has picked up Felix Moeller's documentary The Verhoevens and Peter Lichtefeld's new feature Playa Del Futuro for international distribution.

Stelios Ziannis, head of international sales at Kinowelt International, plans to begin presales on Lichtefeld's film which was shooting in Cologne before Christmas and will be moving production to Andalucia next week.

Produced by Berlin-based Bosko Biati Film with Kinowelt Filmproduktion, the Euros 2.6m laconic love story of ordinary people and their half-buried dreams and desires features The Miracle Of Bern star Peter Lohmeyer, Nina Petri, Outi Maenpaa and Hilmi Sozer who all appeared in Lichtefeld's award-winning 1997 film Trains And Roses.