Leo Kirch's embattled pay-TV platform Premiere is seeking to increase business by joining forces with Arcor Online to launch a six-month video-on-demand (VOD) pilot to download feature films via broadband networks.

After registering at the Arcor platform, participants will be able to order feature films to view on their computer or TV screen so long as they have Windows MediaPlayer software and a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) to download the films at 768 Kbit per second from the Internet.

"We want to take all the ways to the customer that present themselves", Premiere CEO Georg Kofler declared. "Alongside cable and satellite one will then also be able to receive selected content from Premiere via the telephone connection. Never before could cinema fans in Germany choose online from such a broad offer, order in comfort and then watch the films immediately".

Arcor Online has been offering registered users VOD services via its online service since December 2001. The pilot project with Premiere will give the pay-TV service the opportunity to learn about marketing for VOD as well as gather knowhow for the development of future entertainment and information services via broadband online portals.