New York-based entertainmentbusiness company Kisk Media Group International, which has satellite offices inthe UK and New Zealand, has launched the Kisk Media Group Prints &Advertising Fund I.

The Fund is open toqualified independent producers with completed films budgeted at up to $8m thathave a distribution contract in place or one pending. If selected, the Fundwill provide the P&A portion of the releasing costs needed for a film tohave a limited release in five to 20 North American theatres.

"Ideally, we'd like to have70% of the P&A funds go to foreign filmmakers looking to have a NorthAmerican release that otherwise would have trouble getting one," CrystalAdjani, Kisk Media Group Internationals president and the P&A Fund Idirector said in a statement.

"This allows the Americanpublic to have a greater opportunity to see great foreign films. I go to a lotof these film festivals and there's just some great stuff out there that Ithink is marketable enough to warrant a theatrical release beyond just New Yorkand Los Angeles as a starting point. We of course are looking to offer theopportunity to qualified North American filmmakers as well."

The Fund negotiates aportion of box office receipts and certain other ancillary markets withproducers. "This is not a grant," Adjani added. "The Fund has to sustainitself. But I feel that our terms and conditions are clear and quite fair.

"And because theatricalexhibition, even a limited engagement release, can be essential in securinglucrative contracts in the coveted home video and pay-TV markets, it makessense that independent producers of modestly budgeted films especially havesought out private P&A funding sources."