Phoenix-basedclassics distributor Kit Parker Films has purchased all worldwide rights to theWeiss Global Enterprises' (WGE) 500-plus-title library, which includes theSamuel Fuller classics I Shot Jesse James and The Steel Helmet, among others.

The Parker acquisition marks the first time Weissproperties have left the family's control since the Weiss Brothers producersestablished the library in the early 20th century.

Included in thecollection are 121 films produced by Robert L Lippert, which are new to DVD, aswell as Promises! Promises! starring Jayne Mansfield and Three Nuts In Search Of A Bolt starring Mamie Van Doren.

"With the public's growing appetite for period films madein popular genres such as westerns and film noir, the acquisition of the Weisslibrary with the Lippert pictures is very exciting," Parker said in astatement.

Parker added theacquisition contained "some terrific remake candidates", which he was keen toexplore.