Rainer and Michael Koelmel have unveiled theplanned strategy of Neue Kinowelt, just ahead of their first market presence since regaining control oftheir insolvent Kinowelt empire.

`We will no longer be in theleague of the majors as we were for a while in 1999`, explained Rainer Koelmel,`but we will certainly see ourselves in the upper middle field`.

The emphasis of the newcompany will be on home entertainment and Koelmel said that `in certain circumstances we would only acquirethe video and DVD rights and not pick up cinema or TV rights`. The homeentertainment division will be managed by Michael Koelmel.

`For theatrical distributionwe will retain the relationship with Solo Film for larger films but we wouldprobably set up our own distribution arm for German and European arthousetitles. After all, we have a certain knowhow in arthouse as that`s where westarted`

Moreover, the new Kinoweltalso wants to get back into involvement in German coproductions Although Constantin Film will distribute DasSams 2, the sequel to Kinowelt Filmproduktion`s successful family film from2001, Koelmel argues `that this doesn`t mean that we can`t be onboard as acoproducer.`

The industry'sreaction to the brothers` return to business has been `really positive`,according to Koelmel. `With the Americans, I always have the feeling that theyare pleased you are there again, mainly because you are someone they can thendo business with. What is important is to have the network of contacts. I knowwhere to go, who to speak to. I don`t have to go searching.`

Meanwhile, the Koelmels areset to appear in a 45 minute documentary being prepared by Filmakademie BadenWuerttemberg student Caro Daube for German public broadcaster WDR. It willtrace the dramatic rise, fall and reconstruction of the Kinowelt business.