King Kongdestroyed the competition over the weekend as Universal's biggest ever day-and-datelaunch through UIP generated an estimated $80.1m from 8,123 sites over fivedays in 55 territories.

Peter Jackson's latest epic took $63.4m over three days and openednumber one in 53 territories in what proved to be Universal's biggest everinternational opening weekend and the industry's ninth biggest of all time.

In a string of mighty debuts Kong grossed $11.9m and 45% market share from478 sites in the UK, $7.3m from 721 in France for Universal's third biggestopening weekend ever, and $6.1m and 40% market share from 739 in Germany.

The three-hour picture took $2.2m from 412 in Italy in one of therare territories not to reward it with top spot as it finished second behind alocal holiday comedy.

It took $5.1m from 311 in Russia for Universal's biggest everlaunch there, as well as $3.9m and 35% market share from 614 in Spain for thestudio's fourth biggest opening weekend of all time.

Australia produced $4.6m and 51% market share from 248 sites,Brazil generated $1.4m and 44% share from 309, while in New Zealand Jackson'scompatriots rewarded him with an amazing $1.4m and 56% share from 78 for thebiggest Wednesday opening, Universal and UIP's biggest opening days andUniversal's biggest opening weekend of all time.

Mexico generated $3.8m and 50% share from 395 dates forUniversal's fifth biggest opening weekend ever, South Korea produced $4.3m from197 for the studio's biggest opening weekend of all time, while Japan generated$2.6m from 709 for second place behind Goblet Of Fire.

In a raft of smaller Asianreleases, Kong opened in Singapore on$1.3m from 27 for the industry's biggest ever Wednesday opening and Universal'ssecond biggest weekend ever, and launched in Thailand on $1.6m and 92% marketshare from 345 for Universal and UIP's biggest ever opening day and Universal'sbiggest opening weekend of all time.

Kong alsoproduced Universal's biggest opening weekends of all time in Argentina,Denmark, Israel, Malaysia, Norway, Panama, Peru, the Philippines, Turkey andVenezuela.

"We're off to a great start," UIP president and chief operating officer Andrew Cripps said."This is the kind of movie that people are going to take their time to see andhopefully see again. We're going to see more serious numbers come theholidays."

The Chronicles Of Narnia maintained an impressive pace in its second weekend, adding$20.3m from 13 territories for $75m through Buena Vista International (BVI).

Narnia took$8.7m in the UK, falling 39% for $30.2m, while in Germany it added $3.7m andfell just 37% for $11.5m. In Mexico the family picture added $2.5m and nowstands at $11m, an excellent result that almost matches Chicken Little's numbers after six weekends.

The CS Lewis adaptation added $2m for $10m in Spain, and raisedits cumulative total in New Zealand by $675,000 for $2.4m.

Chicken Little added $7.5m overall for a $66.5m international running total thatlooks set to hold well heading into the holiday break.

France generated $3.5m after an excellent 5% drop that raised thetotal to $7.7m after two weekends. Argentina added $275,000 for $1.3m aftertwo, while Spain raised its total to $9m after five.

The thriller Flightplan added $1.5m over the weekend and currently stands at morethan $102.5m with Japan set to launch on Jan 28.

Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire raised its cumulative total by $26.8mfrom more than 9,200 prints in 57 markets to $455.4m through Warner BrosPictures International (WBPI).

In key third weekend holdovers the picture added $5m from 95prints in France for $37.9m, $2m from 552 in Australia for $19m, and $1.9m from273 in South Korea for $16.5m.

Combined with the picture's $252m domestic total, Goblet OfFire now stands at morethan $707m worldwide. It opens in Hong Kong on Dec 22 and Russia on Dec 23.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) The Exorcism OfEmily Rose grossed $2.2mon 1,985 screens in 58 markets for a $56m cumulative total.

After four weekends the UK stands on $6.3m and Germany is on$4.9m, while Brazil stands at $2.5m after three and Spain is on $6.9m afterfive.

Fox International's drama The Family Stone opened day-and-date in 18 territorieswith North America and grossed $2.2m from 690 screens.

It launched in fourthplace in Germany on $857,000 on 252 screens, fourth in South Korea on $295,000on 100, $400,000 from 155 in the UK, $154,000 from 58 in Taiwan, $148,000 from38 for third place in Austria, and $128,000 in Switzerland.