Held by Joongang Culture Media and Yonsei University's business school, the inaugural Asian Film Producer Forum took place yesterday (June 5) with leading producers Iseki Satoru (Assassin, The Battle Of Wits), Yu Dong, head of China's most prolific independent player Polybona Films, Peter Chan (The Warlords), Tcha Seung-jae, co-CEO of Sidus FNH, and Lee Jooick (The Battle Of Wits).

Professor Kim Hye-joon of Dongkuk University, formerly secretary general of the Korean Film Council (KOFIC), opened the discussion with an analysis of the Korea, China and Japan film industries.

He noted, 'The three markets currently only equal 1/9 of Hollywood's market. But integrated, we could bring the figure up to 1/3.'

Onthe 'EU concept' of an integrated market preserving individual cultures, Chan noted, 'It's really when you are living with security that you need a crisis mentality about the future.'

In addition to the need for a free flow of finance amongst the markets, the panel agreed on the need to cultivate a workforce with linguistic abilities, cultural understanding and international experience. Especially entertainment lawyers, as Satoru noted.

The panel voiced supporton theidea of an Asian Film Academy - most likely with a longer program than the annual two-week workshop of the same name set up around the Pusan film festival.

'It's idealistic but would really be worth it. Having experienced trying to bond with other film talents from across Asia, I think the younger you start out the better and the easier,' said Chan. 'Those relationships could last a very long time. I collaborated with Korean and Thai filmmakers seven to eight years ago, and the relationships that we formed still last us. It's a huge resource. I only need to pick up the phone to exchange knowledge with experts across Asia.'