With a 3% ticket tax going into effect July 1, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) is reorganizing its in-house structure to manage the new funds.

Initially, concerns were voiced over who would shoulder the burden of the tax - filmgoers, exhibitors or producers - but 'the industry realizes that taking on the tax themselves will be better than passing it on to the film-goer,' says Kim. 'The industry will in return receive more benefits from broader government support.'

As the most prominent of the changes, KOFIC is creating a new Fund Management Team, and expanding and promoting its Policy Research Team into a Policy Research Center.

With a lack of university research in the film industry area, KOFIC expects to address the needs of the film industry by setting up this new center.

Divided into two teams - for media industry research and cultural policy, respectively, the center will survey medium- to long-term industry prospects.
KOFIC chairperson An Cheong-sook, who is also a jury member on the Asian Film Awards, will be in Hong Kong with her staff at the KOFIC umbrella stand.