Korean filmmaker Eo Il-seon's first full-length feature, the quietly poetic melodrama Plastic Tree won the Main Award of Mannheim-Heidelberg at this year's International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg (20-29 November)..

The International Jury gave its Special Prize to Sweden's Daniel Lind Lagerloef for his bizarrely comic and moving love story Miffo, while the Rainer Werner Fassbinder Prize was awarded to young Chilean director Matias Bize's one-take film Saturday (Sabado).

Honourable mentions were made of Japan's Ryuichi Hiroki for Vibrator and actress Blanca Lewin for her performance in Sabado, while the prize for Best Short Film went to Andrus Tuisk for Perebisnes (Estonia).

Meanwhile, the Audience Award was picked up by this year's opening film Donau, Dunaj, Duna, Dunav, Dunarea by Goran Rebic (which has been invited to screen in the World Cinema section of the Sundance Film Festival next January), the FIPRESCI Jury's Award went to Andre van der Hout's De Arm Van Jezus and the Ecumenical Jury gave their prize to Iranian filmmaker Vahid Mousaian's first full-length feature Khamoushiye Darya (Silence Of The Sea).

In addition, a jury of three German exhibitors recommended Ed Solomon's Levity, Matias Bize's Sabado and Krassimir Krumov's Pod Edno Nebe (Under The Same Sky) to be acquired for theatrical release.