The Korean Screen QuotaAction Alliance has announced it is holding a campaign at the 63rd Venice FilmFestival, which started yesterday, to protest against the screen quotareduction.

Director Ryoo Seung-wan,whose The City Of Violence isscreening out-of-competition at the festival, will spearhead the campaign witha solo protest on Sep 1, with other protests to follow until the 4th.

Ryoo and his co-star in The City Of Violence, martial artsexpert Jung Doo-hong, will be joined by film critic Yang Yoon-mo and others ina press conference on Sep 2, followed by a mass demonstration.

The Korean Screen QuotaAction Alliance, an association of film artists and professionals in favour ofcultural diversity in moving images, previously held a series of protests andevents at the Cannes Film Festival in May, which successfully led to the Cannes board announcing a joint statement of support forthe screen quota.

Korea's Screen Quota, widely credited with nurturing the growth of the localfilm industry, previously required theatres to screen local films 146 days ayear, with 40 days' possible waiver when local films were screened at peakseasons.

At the beginning of theyear, the Korean government gave in to US trade pressure and cut the quota to 73 days, withthe new quota going into effect this past July 1.