Korea's office of railroads,Korail, has announced it is to screen films that are on release in itshigh-speed KTX trains starting December. The cinema train patent belonging toKorail is the first in the world.

TheKTX trains, similar to France's TGV, run at 300km perhour

Korailsigned a memorandum of understanding with Cinewood Entertainment today toproceed with the KTX Cinema project so that all KTX trains will have filmscreening equipment in each of their no. 1 cars by December. The testing phase,which started in February, has finished.

KTXCinemas will charge an extra film-viewing fee, anticipated at $6-$7, on top ofregular train ticket prices. Korail says they expect up to 2.5m users a yearfor the cinema trains.

TheKorean Intellectual Property Office has already registered the patent for thecinema trains, and Korail is looking to make a global franchise out of theinvention, starting with the high-speed trains in Japan and Europe.