Korean sales company 9ers Entertainment has clinched two sales to Japan during the on-going Asian Film Market in Busan.

The Seoul-based company has sold romantic comedy Never Ending Story to Japanese distributor Nettai Museum and comedy Sunday Punch to Japan’s Takeshobo. The former title, starring Uhm Tae-woong and Jung Ryeo-won, recently won the Grand Prix at the Fukuoka Asian Film Festival.

9ers is also selling Weird Business, a three-part 3D film about love, hate and death that was chosen from a contest held by the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) and post-production house MOGG. 9ers has dubbed the film “the 21st Century’s Amazing Stories beyond 3D”.

9ers sales head Choi Eun-young said: “It’s experimental as 3D films usually focus on images that jump out at you, and the first part of this film is like that, but the second part is neutral and the third part’s images actually recedes from the viewer, making it a departure from the usual 3D technology.”

The film premiered in PiFan, but is currently being re-edited and will make its market premiere at the American Film Market.

9ers is also selling the one-night-stand-gone-wrong thriller 90 Minutes at the market, as well as the drama Wedding Scandal, which it picked up on the eve of Busan.