Korean major investor,distributor and exhibitor Mediaplex is stepping into production with a new unitcalled Motion 101, which will produce four to five films a year while also handlinginvestment and distribution.

Mediaplex announced todaythat Motion 101 has been established with investment of $2.6m split 80:20 with computersystems firm Innet. Earlier this month, Innet acquired Cineline II, producer ofhit films Friend and Marathon.

An affiliate of conglomerateOrion Group, Mediaplex comprises leading investor/distributor Showbox Mediaplexand exhibitor Megabox Mediaplex. The company is currently enjoyingrecord-breaking box office returns distributing Bong Joon-ho's The Host - which passed the 12 millionadmissions mark this weekend.

Other titles Showbox hasdistributed include last year's hits WelcomeTo Dongmakgol and Marathon, as well as animated foreign acquisition Hoodwinked! this year. The company tookin 33 million admissions last year, ranking number one in distribution, and hashad the highest rate of returns on investments for two years running.

Motion 101 will bestructured around film industry professionals who have proven themselves inproduction and will be headed by Mediaplex CEO Woody Kim. "Establishing thissubsidiary will allow us to minimise the risk and man power involved inproduction and investment, and it will be able to receive a smooth flow ofinvestment from major film funds," says Kim.

Mediaplex stated it expectsto gain a secure line of content with Motion 101, and that Mediaplex and Innetboth anticipate an additional revaluation of profits according to equitymethods in the future.