Koreanactor Ji-sub So (Rough Cut) will be the leading man opposite Zhang Ziyi in romantic comedy Sophie's Revenge, which is being co-produced by Korea's CJ Entertainment and China's Perfect World Culture.

Zhang will play a cartoonist/writer Sophie who falls for a surgeon named Jeff (Ji-sub So). But an actress named Joanna (Fan Bingbing) shows up and lures the boyfriend away. Sophie has to take on a series of actions to get her man back.

Fan is known to Korean audiences because of her appearance in Battle Of Wits, a film co-produced by Korea's Boram Entertainment and China's Huayi Brothers Pictures.

The director will be Ema Jin whose credits include Sailfish, a film set in the Cultural Revolution period, about a swimmer with an unfavorable political background who fights hard to win a swimming honour andthe girl he is not allowed to pursue.

Shooting of Sophie's Revenge will start this month in Beijing, andthe film isscheduled for late 2009 release in mainland China.

Perfect World Culture is the cultural and entertainment wing of Beijing-based on-line game developer Perfect World. Established earlier this year, the company also invested in Tian Zhuangzhuang's historic drama Warrior And The Wolf, with Hong Kong's Edko Films, Japan's Ogura Jimusyo Co and Singapore-based MediaCorp Raintree Pictures.