Koreaninvestor/distributor Tube Entertainment has merged with stock exchange-listed publisherYoungjin Dotcom and entertainment-related firms Media 2.0 and Oi Music tocreate a "total media" enterprise called Mediacorp, which will be listed on thestock market.

Mediacorpwill focus on entertainment, publishing, and digital content as its mainbusinesses this year. As the entertainment affiliate, Tube Entertainment takeson the new name of Studio 2.0, with Kim Seung-bum continuing as Chief ExecutiveOfficer. Tube formerly handled films like the coming-of-age film The Way Home, sci-fi thrillers Lost Memories and Natural City, and foreign title MillionDollar Baby.

Asits first foray under its new handle, Studio 2.0 is releasing AcademyAward-winning Crash on more than 100screens nationwide on April 4. The film will be followed by a slate of 15films, including seven local ones - MyCaptain, Mr. Underground, Shall ICry', My Brother is Back (workingtitle), Bok-myun-dal-ho(working title), Odd Doctor (workingtitle), He...Story (working title),and Ghost Story (working title). Severalforeign titles will be added to the slate, along with long-awaited localfeature animation Aachi and Ssipak.

Studio2.0 plans to make its international market debut at Cannes this year asan importer, investor, and distributor.