The European Film Marketopens today in its new centre at the Martin Gropius Bau (MGB) with Berlinale directorDieter Kosslick estimating a 100 percent increase infilm executives attending Berlin over 2005, both inside theofficial venues and out.

'I'm completely confidentthat it will work and people will do big business here,' he said.

With the MGB over-subscribedand a spillover site for 40 companies set up at theEFM business offices, Kosslick admitted the market ismuch bigger than the physical space of the MGB and the business offices. But we are happy all these companies arehere. We are not afraid of people showing up here.

Anybody with a coat can dobusiness at Berlin. Without a coat, though,you might find it a bit wet. EFM chief Beki Probst estimates 460-odd market premieres at Berlin, qualifying those as filmsthat haven't been at Cannes and AFM and Toronto. With screenings up by 45percent, she estimates an overall boost in official business at between 25 and30 percent.

Our aim is to provide thebest service we can and we want to serve as the third market between AFM and Cannes, says Kosslick.

Screenings are up from 860in 2005 to 950 this year; companies officially registered have jumped from 165to 254.