The International Documentary Association (IDA) has named 12features in its upcoming 9th Annual Theatrical Documentary Showcase, DocuWeek(formerly InFact).

The list traditionally serves as a key indicator of Academy Awardsfavourites and complies with Academy rules that Oscar submissions play ontheatrical screens for paid admissions in either Los Angeles County, Manhattanor four other cities for at least seven consecutive days in their qualifyingyear.

Since its inception eight years ago, 15 pictures featured in theshowcase have been nominated for Academy Awards and four have gone on to win,including last year's Born Into Brothels.

The 12 features this year are:

- Darwin's Nightmare, Hubert Sauper's tale of the Nile Perch, a predatory fish thatwas introduced into Tanzania in the 1960s and is now exported around the worldto the disadvantage of local people.

- Marc Levin's Sundance hit Protocols Of Zion, which explores an insidious and ancient anti-semitic conspiracytheory.

-Touch The Sound, ThomasRiedelsheimer's investigation into the connections between sound, rhythm, timeand the body by following the nearly deaf, world-renownedpercussionist Evelyn Glennie.

- The world premiere of Who Gets To Call It Art', which chronicles the 1960s New York artscene through the eyes of Metropolitan Museum of Art Curator Henry Geldzahler.

- 39 Pounds Of Love, Dani Menkin's film about a man who weighs 39 pounds and is tooweak to move any part of his body, yet has a profound impact on those aroundhim.

- Ballets Russes, Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine's Sundance entry charting thetumultuous career of the legendary dance troupe.

- Frozen Angels, Eric Black and Frauke Sandig's examination of the moral debatebehind the future of human reproductive technology.

- Ali Samadi Ahadi and Oliver Stolz's I Like Killing Flies, Matt Mahurin's story of a self-taughtchef in an eccentric family-owned New York City restaurant.

- The Last Campaign, a sequel to the 1972 film, If Elected... covering the 2004 campaign for there-election of Justice Warren McGraw to the West Virginia Supreme Court

- Lost Children, about the lives of four children who successfully escape theLord's Resistance Army in Uganda only to return home branded as killers.

- Occupation: Dreamland, Ian Olds and Garrett Scott's candid portrait of a squad ofthe United States Army's 82nd Airborne deployed in the Iraqi city of Falluja.

- The Real Dirt On Farmer John, Taggart Siegel's profile of a maverick Midwestern farmer who creates a revolutionary form ofagriculture in rural America.

DocuWeek alsofeatures the short films Family Portrait, God Sleeps In Rwanda,and Positively Naked. The eventruns at the multiplex Arclight Hollywood from Aug 19-25.