Roadside Attractions has picked up US rights to Charles Dance'sdirectorial debut Ladies In Lavender, with Sundance Channel Home Entertainment simultaneously acquiringhome video rights.

Written by Dance from a short story by William Locke, the picturereceived its premiere at Toronto last autumn and stars Judi Dench and Maggie Smithas elderly sisters who awaken after a violent storm to discover a man who changesthe course of their lives.

Roadside plans a springrelease. Roadside co-president Howard Cohen and colleague Deirdre Kurzenbergernegotiated the deal with Peter Rogers, president of Lakeshore International.

UpcomingRoadside release include Eytan Fox's political thriller Walk On Water. The distributor still has the sleeperhit What The Bleep Do We Know' on release after getting involved with the self-financed sleeperhit in early summer 2004. The picture has grossed $10.2m at the domestic boxoffice as of Jan 17.