Today Film Independent, the non-profit organisation that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, has selected the projects for its seventh-annual Fast Track programme, sponsored by Eastman Kodak.

Fast Track, sponsored by Eastman Kodak, is a three-day film-financing market running the current Los Angeles Film Festival (June 18-28).

Directors selected include Rodney Evans, who previously made Sundance selection Brother To Brother and Matthew Bissonette, who previously made Who Loves The Sun. For the full list of projects, see below.

The intensive programme includes one-on-one meetings with financiers, producers, agents and other industry professionals. Participants include representatives of companies including Paramount, Sony, Lionsgate, Participant, Yari Film Group, The Film Department, CAA, ICA and more.

Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway, co-directors/producers of Better This World, are the recipients of the second HBO Documentary Films Felllowship for a doc project in Fast Track. Better This World is about friends from Texas who want to prove their manhood to an activist-turned-FBI-informant.

“The range of Fast Track projects from both emerging and established artists and the industry’s appetite to meet these filmmakers is remarkable,” said Josh Welsh, Director of Talent Development for Film Independent.

Dawn Hudson, Executive Director of Film Independent, added: “Fast Track has been a highly successful program for us during the Festival in that it cultivates and sustains the careers of independent filmmakers in a real-world setting, and also allows top industry executives to discover new talent.”

Fast Track alumni projects include Cherien Dabis’ Amreeka; Courtney Hunt’s Frozen River; and Jennifer Westfeldt’s Ira And Abby.

In addition to Better This World, the other projects selected for 2009 Fast Track are:

Day Dream
Writer/director Rodney Evans and producer Shelby Stone.
Narrative about a jazz composer digging up myths and legends in New Orleans.

The Ugly Doll (La Muñeca Fea)
Director George Reyes and producer Nekisa Cooper.
Documentary about elderly sex workers at a refuge in Mexico City.

Learning Uncle Vernon
Director Sheldon Candis and producer Jason Berman.
Narrative about an orphan boy who has to face the truth about his father figure one day in Baltimore.

Neither the Veil Nor the Four Walls
Director Afia Nathaniel and producer Rene Bastian.
Narrative about a young mother in modern Pakistan trying to protect her daughter.

On The Ice
Writer/director Andrew MacLean and producer Cara Marcous.
Narrative about two Inuit teenagers who try to get away with murder in Alaska.

Sarah N_12
Writer/director Sasie Sealie and producer Krista Parris.
Narrative about a young woman trying to solve her boyfriend’s murder with help online.

See You On the Dark Side
Director Alexandre Kondracke and producer Monica Chuo.
Narrative about an actress who joins the cast of a vampire movie in Romania only to find out the cast and crew might be real vampires.

Writer/director Matt Bissonnette and producer Corey Marr.
Narrative about young lovers whose idyllic summer interrpted by redneck hunters and a monster.

Why We Pull the Trigger
Writer/director Eric Lin and producer Mynette Louie.
Narrative about three friends who sell human remains on the black market.