Lakeshore Entertainment and France's TFI International are jointly adapting Jean-Christophe Rufin's best-selling eco-terrorism bestseller Le Parfum D'Adam.

Lakeshore's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi will develop and produce with TF1 International's Patrick Binet. Lakeshore and TF1 International will jointly handle international distribution and TF1 International will take French rights.

The story follows an activist who stumbles into a terrorism plot after she frees lab animals from a research facility in Poland.

Rufin is currently serving as France's ambassador to Senegal and his varied portfolio includes hostage negotiation in Bosnia.

Rosenberg said he was 'very excited' about the company's first collaboration with TF1 and said the producers were scouting for a screenwriter to adapt the novel.

TF1 International CEO Patrick Binet said Le Parfum D'Adam 'will ultimately translate in the first real ecological thriller.'

He added:'We envision an action-packed feature shot in multiple global locations, similar to the Bourne features, and are delighted to have Lakeshore as our producing partner in this project.'

Lakeshore is in pre-production on romantic comedy The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler, as well as Crank: High Voltage starring Jason Statham and from the directing team of Neveldine and Taylor, Len Wiseman's Shell Game and a remake of Fame.

TFI International upcoming French releases include Brian Singer's Valkyrie starring Tom Cruise and Francis Veber's L'Emmerdeur.