Lars Von Trier’s next feature Melancholia is set to start shooting in Sweden in June with Meta Foldager (Antichrist) again producing.

TrustNordisk has pre-sold to Central Partnership in Russia and on the first day of the market it has closed a deal on the film with Polish distributor Gutek Film. The apocalyptic feature has yet to confirm casting.

Speaking in the Marttin Gropius Bau, Von Trier’s business partner Peter Aalbec Jensen revealed a few further details about Melancholia. “It’s a beautiful story about the end of the world,” Jensen said. “As always with Lars Von Trier, it will be extremely cynical but also extremely emotional. It’s a little bit like Breaking The Wave in terms of the flavour.”

The film will be a coproduction between Germany, France, Denmark and Sweden.

“I read all the scripts for Lars von Triers recent films but this one took me by surprise. Danish Director Lars von Trier is moving into yet unknown territory and I am very much looking forward to go all the way along with him,” commented Head of Acquisitions at Gutek Film, Jakub Duszynski.