UKdirector Mike Leigh will nominate the recipient of a bursary from the recentlyfounded Katrin Cartlidge Foundation at the forthcoming Sarajevo Film Festival.

Leigh, who is serving as the president of the festival'sinternational jury this year, will announce his choice on August 24 before agala screening of his film Career Girlswhich featured the late Cartlidge in a lead role.

The Foundation was set up earlier this year by the trusteesMike Leigh, Simon McBurney, Cat Villiers, Peter Gevisser and Chris Simon, witha remit, "inspired by the values that Katrin Cartlidge embraced andexemplified so strongly in her own lifetime, to encourage the new creativeartists to show independence, singularity and integrity of spirit."

Each year, an elected patron drawn from Katrin's friends andcolleagues, including Jean-Marc Barr, Charlotte Rampling, Lars von Trier, DanisTanovic and Emily Watson, will be given the opportunity to nominate a newcreative voice to receive the bursary.

An official statement from Sarajevo noted, "theFoundation hopes that the value of this award will be not only in the bursaryitself, but also in the help and support given to the recipient by the trusteesand patrons."

Katrin Cartlidge built up a special relationship with theBalkan region after her work on Danis Tanovic's No Man's Land and Milco Manicevski's Before The Rain and visited the Sarajevo Film Festival in 2002shortly before her untimely death.