Runaway Frenchhit Les Bronzes 3became one of the top ten grossing pictures of all time in France as itremained number one after an estimated $8.1m weekend haul drew 1.1 millionadmissions.

The mightyrunning total now stands at $68.4m and film is still playing on 950 screensthrough Warner Bros France. Les Films Christian Fechner, TFI Films Productionsand TPS Cinema co-produced.

Warner BrosPictures International opened Syriana in 10 new territories as the thriller took $5.9m on morethan 1,300 prints in 20 markets for a $9.5m cumulative total.

France produced$1.7m on 274 prints, while Italy generated a strong $1.3m from 242 prints torank second. Germany produced $1.1m from 359 to rank second. Australia standsat $1.3m after two weekends.

Buena VistaInternational (BVI)'s Chicken Little crossed $300m at the global box office as the internationaltally climbed $3.6m from 2,132 screens in 30 markets to $170m.

The animatedpicture is Disney's 16th release to achieve the milestone. The UK added $2m on525 screens for $19.1m and is believed to rank second.

Bambi 2, despite no US theatrical release,continues to do well internationally adding $5m on 1,917 screens in 20territories for more than $22m.

France added$2.3m on 587 for $10.6m after four weekends and BVI executives noted theanimated tale is the biggest US release in France so far this year. Mexicoproduced $675,000 for $1.7m and climbed to number one in its second weekend.

TheChronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe overtook The Sixth Sense to become the 20th biggest internationalrelease ever. It added $1.2m for $379.9m and still has its final major marketof Japan to open next weekend.

Casanova grossed $3m from 1,695 screens in 17territories for $16m. It opened on $350,000 in Mexico. In a pair of notablesecond weekend holds, the romance added $650,000 for $2.1m to rank fourth inItaly, and $325,000 for $1.4m to rank sixth in Australia.

Derailed grossed $1.4m for more than $12m. TheWeinstein Company thriller stayed top inArgentina on $144,000 for $360,000. Mexico ranks seventhafter three on $1.2m.

DreamWorksInternational's Oscar hopeful Munich added $3.9m including non-UIP territories from 2,961 sitesin 51 territories for $71m after five weekends.

Paramount'srapper drama Get Rich Or Die Tryin' added $2.3m from 402 sites in nine territories through UIP for an$11.4m international running total.

The pictureopened in second place on $2.1m from 244 sites in France, grossed $71,000 from17 in Belgium, and took $63,000 from 36 in Austria.

FoxInternational's Big Momma's House 2 added $5m on 1,650 screens in 22 markets for $42.5m.

The comedysequel has amassed $12.7m in the UK following a $1.9m weekend haul that placedthird, and stands at $6.1m in Mexico after five weekends. Holland climbed 10%on $501,000 for $1.3m in its second weekend as schools broke for holidays.

Cheaper ByThe Dozen 2 added$525,000 on 350 screens in six markets for $42.6m. The picture is winding downand opened in Germany on $326,000 on 150 screens.

Date Movie raised its running total by $3.5m on 620screens in three markets to $5.5m. The UK launched top on $2.3m on 351 screens.Australia stands at $2.6m after two weekends.

The PinkPanther added $4.1m on1,300 screens in 11 markets for $10.6m, powered by a clear number one launch inSpain that generated $2.2m on 350 screens.

Walk The Lineraised its running totalby $3.1m from 2,000 screens in 43 markets to $35.7m. Most of the major marketshave already opened.

Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI)'s Fun With Dick And Jane added $3.9m from 2,065 screens in 52markets for a solid $75m running total.

The comedyremake opened in France in fourth place on $1.9m from 377 screens. Thailandproduced second place on $185,000 on 68 behind local release Dorm, and Venezuela generated a $140,000number one debut on 50.

Memoirs of AGeisha added $1.6m on795 screens in 35 markets for $31m through SPRI markets. The picture has taken$82.8m through all distributors.

It opened thirdin the Philippines on $140,000 on 40 screens, and has taken $12m in Spain aftersix weekends, and $1.8m in Mexico after four.

Hostel, which SPRI has in certain markets,raised its early international cumulative total by $2.1m on 545 screens in ninemarkets to $2.4m.

It opened thirdin Italy on $1.2m on 291 screens, third in Australia on $615,000 on 152, andnumber one in New Zealand on $145,000 on 36.

Weekend andcumulative figures for Capote were unavailable at time of writing, however the Academy Awardcontender scored several strong openings. It launched in Spain on $430,000 on108 screens, the UK on $405,000 on 50, Australia on $220,000 on 51, and Brazilon $145,000 on 50.

New Line International's The New World opened in seven territories led by Spain, where it grossed $767,721 over three days. The picture's cumulative total stands at $7.4m.

Final Destination 3 opened number one in Taiwan on $697,162 and has amassed $13.5m in all its territories to date.