Film series CERN People explains antimatter in almost understandable terms!

If I’m watching clips on YouTube, it’s usually cats wearing jumpers or sloths hugging each other or something. So for something a bit smarter I decided to check out acclaimed filmmaker Liz Mermin’s new project CERN People.

Roger Graef’s London-based Films of Record is collaborating with Google+ and YouTube on the initiative, which posts short (one- to three-minute) films about people working at CERN. The aim is to offer a human side to CERN, and for the scientists there to explain there projects in simple terms. I can’t say I really understand their talk about antihydrogen atoms and the Higgs Boson, but I feel slightly smarter for watching. (It will certainly help to explain why today’s news about being closer to the Higgs is so exciting.)

In 2013, a feature-length observation documentary, Minds Over Matter, will be launched.

Click here for the YouTube shorts.