LewisKim, formerly head of international at TheHost production company Chungeorahm Film, has moved to upstartproducer/investor Barunson. Kim will report directly to Chief Executive OfficerJae-won Choi.

Creditedon Bong Joon-ho's hit The Host as overseasline producer, Kim handled international business for the film - includingoverseas casting and coordinating with California-based CGI house The Orphanage.

Previously,he brought in $4.7m in pre-sales and investment from Japan's Happinet Picturesat the 2005 Hong Kong Filmart. The film broke Korea's all-time box officerecord, taking in more than 13m admissions. Sales agent Cineclick Asia soldremakes rights to Universal at the recent AFM, following a heated bidding war.

Stationaryconglomerate Barunson, a listed company with about $50m in capital, branchedout into the film business last November when it acquired leading investmentcompany I Pictures (A Tale of Two Sisters),run by Jae-won Choi. It also holds talent management firm Barunson Entertainmentas an affiliate.

"We'vebrought Lewis on to create a global strategy for Barunson - starting with aPan-Asian strategy and handling international business for co-financing anddirector management," says CEO Choi.

Thecompany recently signed two of Korea's most bankabledirectors, Bong Joon-ho and Kim Jee-woon, for two films each.

Withseveral Hollywood players courting the directors, Barunson is planning to create anetwork in the US as well to launchthem into Hollywood.

KimJee-woon's upcoming "Oriental Western," TheGood, The Bad, and The Weird, already attractedinterest at the recent AFM. Set in 1930s Manchuria, the film is to featurethree main characters - "One good, one bad, and one truly weird," says Choi -with action choreography by Jung Doo-hong and other crew from Kim's previousfilms A Tale of Two Sisters and A Bittersweet Life.

Bongis considering a mother-son story for his next project, but has yet to makefinal confirmation. His adaption of sci-fi comic Le Transperceneige, with Park Chan-wook producing, will likelycome after his first film with Barunson.

JiYe Park, InternationalBusiness Manager at Dongsoong Art Center is also joining Barunson'sinternational team in December.