Santa Monica-based sales and distribution company Lightning Entertainment has closed key sales on a slew of titles including the crime drama La Linea and horror tale Trailer Park Of Terror.

Rights to La Linea have sold to All-Interactive (Australia and New Zealand), Telepool (Germany), Film Depot (Russia), CCV (Scandinavia), Ster-Kinekor (South Africa), K & E Entertainment (South Korea), Paramount Home Entertainment (UK), European Film Partners (Benelux) and Karantija (Former Yugoslavia).

Deals also closed with Spentzos (Greece), Cinetel (Hungary), Vision Entertainment (Israel), Telefilms/Whiland (Latin America), Eagle (Middle East), Monolith (Poland), Ecofilmes (Portugal), Prorom (Romania), Seven Seas Media (Thailand) and Horizon (Turkey).

Trailer Park Of Terror sold to Kaleidoscope in the UK, Capelight in Germany and Ster-Kinejor in South Africa.

Shark attack thriller The Reef sold to Momentum (UK), Wild Side (France), Pony Canyon (Japan), Ster-Kinekor (South Africa), Film Depot (Russia), Spentzos (Greece), Alliance (Canada), Pasatiempo (Eastern Europe) and Seven Seas (Thailand).

Michael Keaton's drama The Merry Gentleman sold to Red Ant Entertainment (Australia), Ster-Kinekor (South Africa), Spentzos (Greece), Eagle (Middle East), MG (Former Yogoslavia), Sinetel (Hungary) and Prorom (Romania).