Linguistics expert Richard D Lewis will give the keynote address 'When Cultures Collide' to kick off the 33rd annual AFCI Cineposium in November in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Association Of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) Cineposium International Conference is held annually in a leading film production centre and the event is expected to draw members from more than 20 countries. This year's even is scheduled to run from November 19-23.

'Given the financing challenges currently facing the film industry worldwide, this year's Cineposium could well be our most important ever,' AFCI board president Robin James said.

'We have put together a dynamic programme of sessions and panel discussions for film commissioners and industry professionals affecting every production community in the years to come. And Wellington, New Zealand, with its leading edge in the film community and bold new initiatives in film tourism, is the right place at the right time for AFCI film commissioners and others who need to stay on top of a changing landscape.'

New Zealand-based film-maker Peter Jackson called the Wellington region 'a terrific environment for filmmaking and film-makers', adding that the symposium 'helps film-makers like me who work on a variety of locations and rely on the local film office to partner with our production teams on the ground.'

Special events include an Oscar winners luncheon, panels on financing and pitching, and a networking event for commissioners and Hollywood studio executives.