Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria,Wayne Brady, Chris Kattan and Christopher Lloyd have joined the voice cast ofThreshold Animation Studios and Lions Gate Family Entertainment's upcominganimated comedy Foodfight!

As previously announced,Hillary and Haylie Duff have committed to the project set after hours in asupermarket populated by talking products.

Lions Gate FamilyEntertainment has scheduled an autumn 2006 release on the project, whichThreshold Animation Studios' Larry Kasanoff is directing from a screenplay byBrent Friedman, Rebecca Swanson and Sean Derek, based on a story Kasanoffco-wrote with Joshua Wexler.

Kasanoff and George Johnsenof Threshold are producing with Lions Gate Films Releasing president TomOrtenberg and Wexler serving as executive producers along with Gregory Cascanteand Daniel Suh.

"We're thrilled with the waythat this project is evolving," Ortenberg said. 'It's shaping up to be atruly top-notch family picture.

"Everything about Foodfight!, from the groundbreakinganimation technologies being employed, to the master storyteller we have indirector Larry Kasanoff, to the all-star cast that the project has attracted -perfectly reflects the nascent Lions Gate Family Entertainment division'smandate to produce large-scale, high-quality family entertainment."