Lionsgate has acquired film rights to The Last Equation, the debut novel by screenwriter Stuart Gibbs.

The novel is about the mystery surrounding Albert Einstein's last equation which he named Pandora. The Pandora equation had the potential to solve the world's energy problems but Einstein either hid or destroyed the equation before his death. The story, set in the present day, follows a fugitive criminal and mathematical genius enlisted by the US government to find the equation before it falls into the wrong hands.

Lionsgate's new vice president of production Jim Miller, who previously worked at Lionsgate-owned Mandate Pictures, brought the manuscript into the company

'Stuart Gibbs has written a novel that has everything you need for a first-rate action-thriller, starting with an ingenious premise about a mathematical formula that could either save the world or destroy it,' said Lionsgate president of film production Mike Paseornek in a statement. 'Jim Miller showed considerable savvy in bringing the manuscript to Lionsgate, and he is the perfect person to shepherd The Last Equation through the production process and into theatres.'

Publishing rights to The Last Equation are being handled by Simon Green of Pom, Inc.

Gibbs is represented by Magnet Management, ICM and Colden, Frankel and Mckuin.

The deal was negotiated for Lionsgate by Robert Melnik, executive vice president, business & legal affairs; and for Gibbs by Joel Mckuin and Jeff Frankel of Colden, Frankel and Mckuin.