Lionsgate International hasjoined the list of US sales agencies reporting an unprecedented volume ofbusiness at Cannes last month, led by monster sales on Saw III and the recently announced vampire project Daybreakers.

Saw III inspired a flurry ofdeals on the Croisette as rights went to: Japan (Asmik Ace), Germany(Kinowelt), Australia and New Zealand (Hoyts), France (Metropolitan), Italy(RAI), South Korea (Showtime/Asia), Scandinavia (Scanbox), Benelux (Films DeL'Elysee), Taiwan (CMC), EEAP (CIS, Baltics, Ukraine, Poland, formerYugoslavia), Switzerland (Ascot Elite), South Africa (Ster Kinekor), Turkey(FIDA), and Greece (Village Roadshow).

Further deals on the thirdepisode in Lionsgate's smash horror franchise were concluded in: the MiddleEast (Eagle Films), Portugal (LNK), Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra), the Czech andSlovak republics (Hollywood Classic), Bulgaria and Romania (New Films), Hungary(Budapest Films), Malaysia (Grand Brilliance), Iceland (Myndform), and Thailand(Rose). Lionsgate will release the horror picture domestically on Oct 27.

Daybreakers deals closed in: Japan (Artport); Spain (DeaPlaneta); France (Metropolitan); Brazil (Europa); Scandinavia (Nordisk); Mexicoand Central America (Gussi); Benelux (DFW); Taiwan (CMC); Portugal (LNK); theMiddle East (Eagle); Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra); Turkey (FIDA); Greece(Spentzos); Eastern Europe (EEAP); the Philippines(Pioneer);andThailand (M Pictures).

Lionsgate will release Daybreakers in the US and UK. President of acquisitions andco-productions Peter Block and senior vice president of acquisitions andco-productions and Jason Constantine will oversee production for the studio.Australian Chris Brown of Pictures In Paradise and LA-based Sean and BryanFurst are producing.

Sales on the upcoming comedyEmployee Of The Month starringJessica Simpson, Dane Cook and Dax Shepard closed in: Australia and New Zealand (Hoyts); France (Metropolitan);Mexico (Quality Films); Benelux (DFW); Brazil (Europa); South Africa (SterKinekor); Scandinavia (Nordisk); Portugal (LNK); CIS (21st Entertainment Corp);Turkey (FIDA); the Middle East (Eagle); Bulgaria and Romania (New Films); andIndonesia (PT Amero Mitra).

Rights also sold to: Greece(Spentzos); Venezuela (C Blancica); Poland (Vision); the former Yugoslavia (Blitz);Iceland(Myndform); Thailand (M Pictures); Vietnam (BHD); the Czech Republic, Slovakiaand Hungary (Modus Vivendi); and the Philippines (Pioneer).Employee OfThe Month will open throughLionsgate in North America on Sept 29, and Lionsgate UK will release in the UK.

The Lucy Liu heist thriller DevilTo Pay, currently in pre-productionfor Lionsgate, sold to: Germany (ZDF); Spain (Dea Planeta); France(Metropolitan); Benelux (RCV); Scandinavia (Nordisk); Brazil (Paris Films);Russia (Lizard); Romania and the Baltics (EEAP); the Czech Republic, Hungaryand Poland (SPI); Israel (Forum); Malaysia and India (PT Parkit); and Portugal(LNK).

Deals also closed in: Turkey(FIDA); the Middle East (Eagle); the former Yugoslavia (Blitz); Iceland(Myndform); Greece (Spentzos); Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra); the Philippines(Viva); Thailand (Rose); Bulgaria (Alexandra); and Hong Kong and China(Panorama).

The dirty bomb thriller RightAt Your Door, which Lionsgate pickedup for the world following its world premiere in Sundance, went to: Germany(Senator); France (Metropolitan); Spain (Filmax); Italy (RAI); Benelux (RCV);Mexico and Central America (Gussi); Brazil (Europa); Turkey (FIDA); Israel(Forum); Portugal (LNK); Iceland (Myndform); India (PT Parkit); Argentina andChile (Bazuca); and Greece (Spentzos).

Right At Your Door deals also closed in: Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra);the Philippines (Viva); Thailand (Rose); the Middle East (Eagle);theCzech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland (SPI); Venezuela (C Blancica);Russia, Romania and the Baltic States (EEAP); the former Yugoslavia (Blitz);and Peru (Delta). Lionsgate will release in the US in 2007 and in the UK hisautumn.

The first internationalsales concluded on the horror title and recent US release See No Evil. Deals closed in: Japan (Toshiba); Germany(Kinowelt); Spain (Filmax); France (Metropolitan); Italy (Mediafilm); SouthKorea (Daisy); Mexico and Central America (Gussi); Russia (West); Benelux(RCV); Scandinavia (Nordisk); Brazil (Europa); South Africa (Ster Kinekor); andPortugal (LNK).

Further sales went to:Greece (Spentzos); Argentina (Alfa); Venezuela (C. Blancica); Iceland(Myndform); the Philippines (Viva); Thailand (Rose); Malaysia and India (PTParkit); Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra); Taiwan (Pandasia); Peru (Delta); theMiddle East (Eagle); Turkey (FIDA);Bulgaria (Alexandra); the CzechRepublic, Hungary and Poland (SPI);the former Yugoslavia (Blitz); Romaniaand the Baltics (EEAP); and the West Indies (ATM Films).

President of internationalNick Meyer reported major sales on Lionsgate's crime thriller Borderland, which is currently in post-production and is basedon the true story of college graduates who stumble upon a terrifying ancientMexican cult while on a road trip. Rights to Borderland have gone to: the UK and Spain (Momentum); Germany(Tiberius); France (Metropolitan); Russia and the Baltic states (CentralPartnership); Portugal (LNK); Iceland (Myndform); Benelux (Paradiso); Greece(Spentzos); and Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra).

Sales also closed in: thePhilippines (Viva); Thailand (Major Cinepictures); the Middle East (Eagle); Turkey(FIDA); the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland (SPI); Romania (ProRom);Serbia/Croatia (Blitz); Malaysia (PT Parkit); and Bulgaria (Alexandra)."In addition to being the perfect fit for the Lionsgate slate with ourcurrent line-up of gritty thrillers, the buyer response to Borderland has confirmed our instincts that there's a growingglobal market for Latino films with universal appeal," Meyer said.

Final sales were tied up onthe action thriller Rogue starringJet Li and Jason Statham. Rights went to Australia and New Zealand (Hoyts);Russia (Lizard); Taiwan (CMC); Hong Kong and China (Panorama); and South Africa(Ster Kinekor).

William Friedkin's thriller Bug, which won the FIPRESCI Prize following its worldpremiere in the Directors' Fortnight programme and stars Ashley Judd and HarryConnick Jr, sold to a number of markets led by France (Metropolitan), andMexico and Central America (Gussi).

The picture also went to:Scandinavia (Scanbox); CIS (21 Entertainment Corp); Argentina and Chile (AlfaFilms); the Middle East (Eagle); Turkey (FIDA); Portugal (LNK); Poland(Monolith); the former Yugoslavia (Blitz); Indonesia (PT Amero Mitra); Greece(Spentzos); the Czech and Slovak republics (Hollywood Classic); Iceland(Myndform); the Philippines (Pioneer); and Bulgaria and Romania (New Films).Lionsgate will release Bug inNorth America in December.