Lionsgate and LakeshoreEntertainment are partnering up on the horror thriller Midnight Train based on a short story by Clive Barker.

Patrick Tatopoulos willdirect the tale of a New York photographer who tracks down a serial killer andunearths a devastating secret. Jeff Buhler adapted the screenplay.

Lakeshore is producing theproject, its second collaboration with Lionsgate after the upcoming actionthriller Crank starring Jason Statham.

Lionsgate will release MidnightTrain in the US and is selling internationalrights in Cannes.

The company's sales slatealso includes William Friedkin's thriller Bug starring Ashley Judd; teen comedy Employee Of TheMonth starring Jessica Simpson;revenge saga Rogue starring JasonStatham and Jet Li; and Saw III.

Lakeshore is selling TheDead Girl starring Toni Collette,Giovanni Ribisi and Brittany Murphy, and Robert Benton's The Feast OfLove starring Morgan Freeman.