Rowan Woods' Little Fish has received the largestnumber of nominations for this year's AFI (Australian Film Institute) Awards,announced today in Melbourne, with 13 nods including best film.

Look Both Ways and two UK-Australian co-productions, The Proposition and OysterFarmer, were also nominated for best film.

Three of the best filmnominees, Little Fish, Look Both Ways and The Proposition, also picked up best film nods in Australia's othertwo film awards ceremonies - the Film Critics Circle of Australia and the IF (InsideFilm) Awards - which were announced earlier this week.

The directors of the threefavourites - Rowan Woods (Little Fish),Sarah Watt (Look Both Ways) and JohnHillcoat (The Proposition) - werealso nominated for all three awards ceremonies, as were the writers of thesefilms - Watt, Jacquelin Perske (LittleFish) and Nick Cave(The Proposition).

Wolf Creek's Greg McLean is in the running for best director inthe IF Awards, which are nicknamed the people's choice awards, and in the AFIAwards.

While Little Fish got the most nominations from AFI members (13) and frommembers of the Film Critics Circle of Australia (11), TheProposition (9) performed best by a small margin in the IF Awardnominations. Little Fish received 32nominations overall, The Proposition27 and Look Both Ways 23.

Critics also have twocategories for foreign films. The foreign-language nominations were 2046, Bad Education, Paheli, The Sea Inside and Turtles Can Fly, while the English-language nods included Crash, Million Dollar Baby, MysteriousSkin, Sideways and Vera Drake.

The lead actors who figuredin all three awards were Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving (although the criticsregarded him as having a supporting role) in Little Fish, Justine Clarke in LookBoth Ways and Guy Pearce in TheProposition.

Scott Ryan was named in twoof the three best actor categories for TheMagician, which he wrote, directed and co-produced, an effort that alsoearned him and the film a nomination for the Independent Spirit IF Award. Theother feature named in this category was the ultra low-budget digifeature Blacktown, which Kriv Stenders directed, wrote, produced, shotand appeared in.

The FCCA Awards will bepresented on November 12 in Melbourne, the IF Awards on November 23 in Sydney and the AFI Awards on November 26 in Melbourne.