Robbie Little’s Accelerator has partnered with horror brand Fangoria Entertainment’s new Gravesend Film Enterprises to launch a slate of theatrical features.

The first title is a remake of the cult 1970s zombie film Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things and is set to shoot in spring 2011.

Horror tale Cleopatra Brimstone will go in summer 2011 and is based on award-winning novella by Elizabeth Hand about a student who develops a homicidal alter ego following an attack.

Gravesend is a partnership between Fangoria owner Thomas DeFeo and producer-distributor Steven Mackler. Little will sell international rights on the projects through The Little Film Company and negotiated the deal on behalf of Accelerator with DeFeo and Mackler. All three will share executive producer credits.

“I have always been drawn to edgy and extreme genres and the opportunity with Gravesend and Fangoria made perfect sense for our fast growing Accelerator brand,” Little said.

“This next step makes perfect sense as we can leverage all of Fangoria’s media assets, which includes our magazine, Sirius radio show and soon to-be-launched apps to help promote and market our films,” DeFeo said.

“Robbie really understands the genre and the Fangoria brand name and I can’t think of a better fit for us in launching theatrical film production and having it represented in the international marketplace,” Mackler added.