Films by Korea's Kim Ki-Duk, Argentina's Martin Rejtman, Germany's Soenke Wortmann, Austria's Barbara Albert and Switzerland's Dominique de Rivaz Knecht will be unveiled on July 24 as world premieres at the forthcoming Locarno International Film Festival (August 6-16).

The official Locarno competition line-up will be fully unveiled on July 24 at a press conference in Rome.

According to releases from Germany's Export-Union, the Austrian Film Commission and the Swiss Film Centre, the Official Competition will include: Kim Ki-Duk's Korean-German co-production Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter And Spring; Sabiha Sumar's Pakistani-French-German co-production Khamosh Dani; Barbara Albert's Austrian-German-Swiss co-production Boese Zellen; Martin Rejtman's Argentinean-German-French co-production Los Guantes Magicos; Jean-Francois Amiguet's Au Sud Des Nuages; and Pjer Zalica's Gori Vatra (the opening film at this year's Sarajevo Film Festival).

The nightly Piazza Grande open-air programme will feature Soenke Wortmann's Das Wunder Von Bern, Dominique de Rivaz Knecht's German-Swiss co-production Mein Name Ist Bach, and Jean-Stephane Bron's Mais Im Bundehuus.

Meanwhile, the Cineastes du Present sidebar has invited the second 99euro omnibus film , Europe - 99euro-films 2 - with contributions by such filmmakers as Richard Stanley, Harry Kuemel and Benjamin Quabeck; Daniel Schweizer's documentary Skinhead Attitude, Anna Luif's Little Girl Blue, and Emmanuelle Antille's Angels Camp.

Apart from the "Appellations Suisse" showcase (Screen Daily, July 23), documentaries from Switzerland will also have a large presence in the festival's official sections. Premieres include Peter Liechti's Hans Im Glueck and Richard Dindo's Ni Olvido Ni Perdon in Critics Week.

Moreover, the festival organisers will underscore the importance of the documentary genre in Switzerland with a special "avant premiere" screening of Nicolas Wadimoff's Alinghi - The Inside Story which will be shown on the Piazza Grande for the local populace before the festival on August 5.