Locarno's Film Industry Office is to cast a spotlight on the workings of film foundations such as Rotterdam's Hubert Bals Fund and Montecinema Verita at this year's festival.

Held on August 12, the event will examine the potential role for international sales companies or distributors becoming involved at an early stage in the production.

Case studies will be presented of four official competition films - Sabiha Sumar's Khamosh Pani, Martin Reitman's Los Guantes Magicos, Nariman Turebayev's Maneken Pil and Pjer Zalica's Gori Vatra - with the participation of Jacqueline Ada (Fonds Sud, Paris), Rebecka Hamberger (Goeteborg Fund), Laurence Hoffmann (Fondazione Montecinema Verita, Lugano), and Ido Abram (Hubert Bals Fund, Rotterdam).