The US premiere of Fernando Trueba's comedy-drama Girl Of YourDreams (La Nina DeTus Ojos) starringPenelope Cruz will kick off a two-week retrospective of Spanish productioncompany Lolafilms in New York on Apr 30.

Overall nine pictures will screen at the American Museum of theMoving Image including Goya In Bordeaux, LA Comunidad, Second Skin and Sound Of The Sea.

Lolafilms was founded in 1981 and its productions have earned 65Goya Awards and hundreds of nominations - more than any other Spanish producer.

"Lolafilms makes movies that are artistically adventurous,eclectic and entertaining," David Schwartz, chief curator of film at theAmerican Museum of the Moving Image, said in a statement.

"This filmseries includes the work of some of the finest actors and directors incontemporary world cinema."