As Spanish producerLolafilms gets ready for Spain's widest-ever release with 400 prints ofSantiago Segura starrer Isi/Disi, chief Andres Vicente Gomez revealedthat the movie is to become a franchise, with Seguro signed on for two moreinstalments.

Isi/Disi 2 will start shooting in January 2005 for a Christmas2005 domestic release. Seguro is widely considered to have the Midas touch atthe Spanish box office after his blockbusters Torrente 2 and MoscowGold. Isi/Disi, about twounlucky-in-love brothers named after the heavy metal group AC/DC, is aco-production with MTV Europe. Both itand its sequel are budgeted at Euros 4 million.

Lola is also set to go intoproduction this September on the Spanish-language film Sinfin, a storyabout an 80s rock supergroup trying to make a comeback with a new singer,played by Danny Martin of Spanish group Loco. The film, set at Euros 4 million,is to be directed by La Fiesta's Manuel Sanabria and Carlos Villaverde. LaFiesta was made out of the directors' pockets for Euros 6,000 and waspicked up by BVI where it became one of last tear's big hits.

Gomez is in Cannes withLolafilms but also in his capacity as chairman of the producers federationFIAPF.