The London UK Film Focus (LUFF), which runs from June 25-28 at the revamped BFI Southbank, is expected to attract around 150 buyers to London. Around 40 films will be screening.

The event, a showcase for British films, is now in its fourth year. LUFF's organisers claim that approximately $2m worth of business was generated directly by last year's event. This more or less matched the figures for 2005.

Among the likely buzz titles this year is Peter Howitt's Dangerous Parking (sold by Velvet Octopus).

'It's a really good focus of people's attentions,' Simon Crowe of Velvet Octopus said, explaining the decision to hold the film back from Cannes and unveil it at LUFF instead. 'How do you get buyers to focus on your film' If you've got big stars, big names and a big director, yes, the serious buyers will watch your film. But when I am working on a British film starring British talent, shot in London, we just felt LUFF would be a great place to launch the film.'

LUFF will also show footage from Ealing Studios' new St. Trinian's, still in post-production.

The invited buyers are generally supportive of an event regarded as a networking opportunity and a chance to see local fare.

LUFF attendees will again meet UK talent and will be invited to a series of receptions (including a 'British talent night' at the House of Lords). Organisers point this year to an increase in attendees from South America and from Australia and New Zealand.

UK sales agents are also understandably upbeat about an event which allows them to show their product in an impressive setting to a captive audience of buyers. Screening slots are charged at $1,200 (£600) for non-premieres and $1,500 (£750) for premieres.

'It's a relaxed environment to continue working relationships and to developing stronger relationships that you can't forge when you are in and out of booths and offices for 20 or 30 minutes at a time,' said Peter Lawson of Miramax. However, he acknowledged that the chances of Miramax finding a finished feature to pick up at LUFF are slim.

LUFF costs approximately $360,000 (£180,000) to stage. The event is supported by Film London, the UK Film Council, Film Export UK (FEUK), the London Development Agency, UK Trade & Investment, Arts Alliance Media and Barco.

Premieres this year include:

Dir: Gary Love
Prod: Matthew Justice, Arvind David, Rachel Connors
Int'l sales: Moviehouse Entertainment, (44) 207 380 3999

Taking Liberties
Dir: Chris Atkins. Prod: Nicky Moss
Provocative documentary.
Int'l sales: Moviehouse Entertainment 0207 380 3999

Dangerous Parking
Dir: Peter Howitt. Prod: Peter Howitt, Richard Johns.
Story of a cult director from Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors).
Int'l sales: Velvet Octopus, (44) 207 287 1900

Intergalactic Combat
Dir: Ray Brady. Prod: Barry Heath
The latest from British low budget maestro Ray Brady (Boy Meets Girl).
Int'l sales: Centre Films Media Sales, (44) 208 566 2388

Vampire Diary
Dir: Mark James, Phil O'Shea. Prod: Margaret Matheson, Michael Riley
A vampire hides among the Goths in London. She has a terrible secret.
Int'l sales: Visual Factory

Rise of the Footsoldier
Dir: Julian Gilbey. Prod: Michael Loveday
British crime epic.
Int'l sales: Carnaby International 08704586281

Three Minute Moments
Dir: Don Allen. Prod: Don Allen
Romantic comedy set in the world of speed dating
Int'l sales: Centre Film Media Sales, (44) 208 566 2388

Extraordinary Rendition
Dir: Jim Threapleton. Prod: Andrew Noble
Topical story about a man abducted from the streets of London and transported via secret flights to an unknown country.
Int'l sales: High Point Films, (44) 207 424 6870

Daylight Robbery
Dir: Paris Leonti. Prod: Nick O'Hagan
A group of football supporters pull off a meticulously planned and executed robbery.
Int'l sales: AV Pictures, (44) 207 317 0140

Grow Your Own
Dir: Richard Laxton. Prod: Luke Alkin, Carl Hunter, Barry Ryan
Int'l sales: Pathe Pictures International, (44) 207 462 4427
Frank Cottrell Boyce-scripted comedy about a refugee family given an allotment to help rehabilitate their traumatised father.