Lorber HT Digital has acquired all North American rights to Emma Franz's documentary Intangible Asset #82 and US theatrical rights and public performance rights to Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal's documentary Nollywood Babylon.

Intangible Asset #82 will receive its North American premiere at the South West Film Festival on March 14 and charts the creative odyssey of Australian drummer Simon Baker as he tracks down his muse, a septuagenarian shaman and Korean Grand Master called Kim Seok-Chul. Richard Lorber and Elizabeth Sheldon negotiated the deal with Franz on behalf of In The Sprocket Productions.

Nollywood Babylon premiered at Sundance and chronicles the rise of Nigera's so-called Nollywood film industry. Lorber and Sheldon did the deal with Christina Rogers for the National Film Board

Lorber HT Digital will open both Intangible Asset #82 and Nollywood Babylon theatrically in the second quarter of the year through its Alive Mind label and will also make them available to educational and cultural institutions.